SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization can be tricky and takes some time. We make it easy for you to understand your current position in Search Engine rankings and why. After we do a free site audit, we can come up with a great SEO plan for your organization. We then will implement the proper SEO strategy, and together, we will watch your ranking’s rise to the top. We get all of our data through world renowned data sources in real-time. From Site Audits, keyword analytic’s to Competitive Analyses – ViewSignage has your back!

Site Audit and Optimization:

Performing a site Audit is a tedious and ongoing process that require going through a lot of different checkpoints and utilizing a diverse set of skills. Every website has room for improvement. Some more than others. Your website could be riddled with hundreds of small mistakes and errors. We focus on the ones that matter first, and work from there.

We focus on crawlability, on page optimization and technical SEO.

  • Crawlability | broken links, sitemaps, robots.txt, URL Structure
  • On page Optimization | content, meta description, Title/H1 tags, images
  • Techincal SEO | page speed, old technology, mobile optimization


Website Total Score

“Average score once issues are fixed.”

Keyword and Analytic’s:

We find the best competitive key-words for YOUR organization. We can find top keywords to long tail keywords. Did you know there are key-words that work better for different organizations in the same business? By matching up key-word difficulty with your websites rank, we can find the key-words that work BEST to improve the current ranking of your website. The goal is to increase that rank over a short period of time so we can eventually use keywords with a higher difficulty.

Web page Development and Design:

We can develop your web page for you. We will build it SEO friendly from the ground up, including: google analytic integration, site map creation, image optimization, etc. Not to mention, well crafted SEO-friendly content. We provide monthly backups, security updates, and content updating with the proper keyword density. We start and keep your site in shape for the top search engines.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC(Pay Per Click) advertising is very important for online business success. It is an essential part of any businesses online marketing campaign. This is a great way to grow your business in a controlled and profitable manner. PPC allows you to reach your targeted audience fast by specifying who will see your ads. You only pay when someone takes action on your ad. Basically, the advantages of PPC are:
– Fast measurable results
– Full control over budget and spending
– Targeted traffic
– Getting the top spot on Google fast
– You only pay when people take action on your ads
With that said, it’s very easy to waste your money on PPC if it is not spent properly. ViewSignage will make sure your PPC campaign is completly optimised, from using the right keywords to finding the right audience.

Competitor Analysis:

We do competitor analysis in just about everything we do. Whether it’s comparing site audits, content, keywords or back-links; it is an essential part of finding your way to the top of the list. Knowing what your competitors did to get to the top cuts out a lot of guesswork on figuring out what will work for you. We use the best tools on the market for real-time and historical competitor data.