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RSS Tickers

Choose from dozens of free RSS feeds like: news, politics, sports, health and others. Customize it anyway you like or enter your own text message.


With the Kiosk builder component you can create a navigational menu system.

World Weather

Enjoy  7 days extended weather – including: highs, lows, humidity, wind conditions and more.

Date / Time

Keeping time is easy with the fully editable Date/Time component.


With this external link component; you can host your videos, images, and SWF animations on any web server (even within your LAN or VPN).


Take advantage of high definition H.264 encoded video and run multi threaded pipeline content that looks great every time. Simply choose FLV or MP4 as your video format and watch people go wow.

Live TV

The mediaTV component supports full HD analog and digital input. So you can insert any S-Video, HDMI, Component or composite video signal into any selected screen division; all powered by a super smooth GPU rendering engine, so it always looks great!


HTML5 is revolutionizing the web with great animation, Ajax and new capabilities never before possible with HTML. Take advantage of your existing skills and build animated clips or a fully interactive Kiosk, and run it easily across all your SignagePlayers.


You can run any Flash powered SWF. It does not matter if it was developed in Adobe Flash or in a 3rd party Flash generator. If its flash based, the SignagePlayer will eat it up.


Get social! With the Twitter component, you can expose your screens to your favorite @users and keep the data relevant –  all the time.  Allow users to push custom messages to your screens.


Integrate facebook with your digital signage presentation and receive real time updates on your screens from your favorite social network.


Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be.


Popular photo-sharing and hosting service with advanced and powerful features. Load your photos, from Flickr, on your public screens.


Now you can integrate your entire Pinterest content right onto your digital signage presentation.


If it looks good, use it. The YouTube channel is bombarded everyday with free great content. Plug right into this endless stream of fresh raw video.


Keep your audience glued to your screens with the current HOT news. The Digg component will do just that.


Mashape is a great way to get relevant live data such as current Bitcoin rates, currency exchange rates or even cool movie quotes and more.


Load your favorite 500px images directly into your presentation.

Google Calendar

Select only from the Calendar you want and set a specific date range relative to today, allowing content to always stay relevant.

Google Sheets

With our Google sheets component, you can easily link Scene labels to Google spreadsheet cells just by specifying the column and row you want to link to within your Google cloud spreadsheet.

Google Drive

Simply host your files within a Google drive folder and load videos and images directly from Google Drive.

Google Plus

Load live data anytime someone posts to your G+ account. The setup is real easy and it will keep your screens current with the latest news from your inner circle (literally).

Google Picasa

Link directly from your own Picasa account and directly into your digital signage screens. You can even upload images directly from Picasa Desktop, which makes it real easy to manage a ton of images.


The XML Player component is probably the most flexible component we have. It allows you to load any custom XML data in ANY format. Just create a dynamic XML data feed and use our standard E4X parser to bind to specific tags within your invented XML structure.

Custom RSS

With the Custom RSS component, your content will not slide vertically or horizontally. Instead, you can custom place the RSS items within the Scene Editor. Custom RSS is all about more flexibility and more customization.


Anything you add to Dropbox will automatically show up on all your computers and of course, also inside your digital signage presentation.


Set your emergency notification system to automatically override whatever content is currently playing on your screens and deliver critical, real time, visual notification messages to your audience. Integrate with existing alerting systems and connect to external web services.


Choose your favorite stock symbols and select from dozens of customizable properties such as today’s highs, lows, percentage change.


Show off your analytics with the Graphs and Charts component. Add your data directly into the SignageStudio, pick from dozens of charts and graphs and let your data shine across your Digital Signage network.

QR Code

QR code allows you to quickly connect your customer’s mobile device to any link or piece of information. You can generate QR codes dynamically or statically, it’s all very easy to do.


The Node.js is built into each SignagePlayer for Windows. This means that any developer can take advantage of node.js to create custom SignagePlayer components as well as StudioPro property loaders.


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) has taken the development world by storm. It’s an easy to use db format that can be used to bind to any field directly into a scene.

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